Furry Bodies

“Babe, how are we going to handle her?” Asked Michelle. “Her mouth can be heard world wide.”

“Michelle. We have a much Higher Power of Being that will guide us all.” Said Pastor George.

“Ralph! When did you get a German Shepard?” Asked an annoyed Susan.

Before Ralph spoke he looked out the large glass window. Sure enough there was a German Shepard and Boxer in their back yard. He closed his eyes shut for a moment and opened them. Now there were four dogs playing in the yard. The two Chihuahua’s (Bert and Beatrice aka Bea) belonged to them. How the other two got in the yard was the main question in his mind.

Ralph strode across the room headed to the sliding glass door in the kitchen. George, Michelle and Susan followed him. All four adults stepped out onto the patio. They stood there for a mere three seconds before the herd of dogs came their way. Four happy soaked furred, long tongued four legged bodies rushed up to the two legged bodies. Lot’s of woof woofs, hellos and commands for good doggy behavior. Susan noticed, Ralph was happy to play with the German Shepard. Bert noticed this as well. He and Beatrice chose to put a stop to the interaction. Susan intercepted by scooping up the two Chihuahuas.

“The two you are coming inside with me. I’m heading in.” Announced Susan. “I’m right behind you. To much slobber for me. Give me a cat any day.” Said Michelle as she opened the door for Susan. The two women were in the kitchen. As Michelle walked passed Susan, Bert turn toward her with a nice big tongue kiss on her cheek. Michelle froze. “Get the iodine!”

Susan withheld a smile. She set the two dogs down and went to the first aide kit. The iodine bottle (small one) was given to Michelle with a Q-tip. Michelle dashed into the bathroom with both dogs following her.

“Bert and Bea, now!” Demanded Susan. Both dogs followed the request. Susan looked out the kitchen window to see Ralph waving for her to come outside. “Michelle, I’m going back outside. Make yourself comfortable. You two behave yourselves.” Susan stated as she was out the sliding glass door.

“Ralph what’s up?” Asked Susan.

“George and I found the owners to the dogs. I want you to see something for yourself.” Said Ralph as he took Susan’s hand. They walked to their front yard. Susan stood there with her mouth hanging open. Ralph shut it for her. “I don’t believe what I’m seeing.”

Published by Sarah "Bubbles"

I am a mom, nana, writer and amateur photographer. I write short stories to brighten your day. Maybe inspire you to feel better about yourself. Perhaps make healthier life choices. You are the one that is responsible for your life. You got this!

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