Found Her

“Ralph, I can help you to remove whatever demon you are facing right now.” Said Pastor George.

“Come on, Pastor, a walk to the Watering Hole will do us some good. I can drink beers while confessing my sins to you.” Said Ralph as he walked out the kitchen door.

Michelle waited until she heard the kitchen door close before she went back to Susan. “Susan put your shoes on. We have a date the the Watering Hole.”

The uneventful mile walk to the local pub gave time for both men to gather their thoughts. Ralph opened the door for Pastor George. Chief Day waved them over.


Susan and Michelle walked into the pub. They grabbed the back corner table while the Chief was motioning to their husbands.

“Do you think they saw us?” Asked Michelle.

“Nah.” Said Susan.

“What can I get you ladies?” Asked the waitress.

“I’ll have a Pepsi.” Said Michelle.

“Double, Glenlivet on the rocks.” Stated Susan. The waitress left. Susan looked at Michelle for a dispute. All she did was shrug her shoulders.

“Right now, I’d love to be a fly on the wall.” Said Michelle.

“Looks to be an intense conversation.” Said Susan.

“Here you are ladies. Can I get you anything else.” Asked the waitress.

“No thank you.” They replied in unison.

“Oh, before I forget. Mable recorded this on her scanner.” Said Michelle. Both women focused on the audio. When it ended, Susan looked away from Michelle and to the guys. “Holy shit.” Susan said while pointed at the bar.

There she stood next to Ralph.

“That’s Gretchen.” Said Susan as she got out of her chair.

“Susan! Wait! I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation!” Exclaimed Michelle as she quicken her pace to catch up to her friend.

Published by Sarah "Bubbles"

I am a mom, nana, writer and amateur photographer. I write short stories to brighten your day. Maybe inspire you to feel better about yourself. Perhaps make healthier life choices. You are the one that is responsible for your life. You got this!

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