“Chief Day. Is this necessary? Arresting my wife?” Asked Pastor George.

“Yes! I gave her a direct order to stay at the Horizon home. Mrs. Blessing, your wife chose to ignore me. May I remind you. We have a full man slaughter charge needing to be investigated. I want the person responsible. Got it!” Replied Chief Day with a raised voice.

The Chief’s radio came to life. “Chief? You want me to arrest Mrs. Blessing? The Pastor’s wife.” Asked Officer Shape.

“Yes. Now! And make it snappy!” Chief Day growled over the radio.

“Yes Sir! Right away Sir. No dawdling Sir. Yes Sir! I’m on it Sir. You can count on me sir”

“Officer Shape! Now!.” Yelled Chief Day.

The entire pub fell into silence. Pastor George grabbed his wife’s hand. “Don’t think about it Pastor. He took my Emily away. My best friend. She gave me unconditional love.” Said a somber Chief.

Pastor George gave his wife’s hand a big squeeze. He mouthed to her that he loved her. To keep praying. Not let the Chief know. This got Michelle to show a small smile. Then Pastor George whispered into Michelle’s ear, “God is great. I love you. He will guide us out of this mess.” Afterwards he took both hands and placed them on Michelle’s face. Gave her a kiss which raised some eye brows. Followed by “Way to go Pastor.” Michelle smiled at her husband.

Nancy News walked into the pub. She gave the place a quick look over. Found the person she was ready to interrogate. She took three steps forward when the door to the pub opened. In walked Officer Shape. The Chief stood up, taking quick steps to Nancy News, “Now, Officer Shape.”

“Ms. News.” Said Officer Shape.

Nancy chose to ignore the young police officer. Her gaze was fixed on the Chief. Her breathing began to quicken. She felt her heart rate increase, body temperature was warming up, she began gulping for air. “He knows.” Nancy said.

The Chief approached Nancy, with the Horizon’s and Blessings’s close by. “Office Shape, call for an ambulance. She’s having a panic attack.” Barked the Chief.

“Yes Sir! Right away Sir!” The officer contacted the paramedics immediate.

Susan walked up to Nancy, took her left arm and guided her into a chair. “Nancy, I am CPR certified. You are having a panic attack. Let’s try to calm you down. Start with nice deep breaths in and out.”

Nancy didn’t hear Susan. All she saw was the large looming body standing near by. The one with all those muscles. Muscles that can hurt people. “The Chief doesn’t hit girls. Does he?” Ran through Nancy’s mind.

Flashes of her past relating to law enforcement filled her head. The threat of her boss, “You will be fired, shall another law enforcement incident occur.” Oh God! What has she done this time? No. Not that.

Published by Sarah "Bubbles"

I am a mom, nana, writer and amateur photographer. I write short stories to brighten your day. Maybe inspire you to feel better about yourself. Perhaps make healthier life choices. You are the one that is responsible for your life. You got this!

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