Look This Way

Monday was an uneventful day. Everyone was glad to have the quietness to rest. Some took naps throughout the day. Ralph and Susan’s home had plenty of room in their home. Tank was on guard duty. His military training had the property secured and safe.

Facing a new day, Tuesday had Ralph, Tank and Chief Day looking at surveillance technology for the home. Susan took this opportunity to place herself in front of her laptop. She had to write. Nothing came to her for her latest book. She sipped her coffee and watched the cursor blink at her.

Susan began to fiddle with a word puzzle on her smart phone. Pleased to see some progress by finishing several puzzles still left her feeling anxious. Social media always cleared up feeling unproductive. Off she went to check on her accounts. The Instagram account had a post that shocked her.

“Who would do such a thing?” Said Susan out loud.

She marched into the kitchen, wiggled her way between the three men, Ralph, Tank and Chief Day.

“Honey can’t you see we’re a bit busy here.” Said Ralph

Susan took her smart phone and placed it in his hand. “Take a look at the image someone posted on Instagram.”

The Chief took one look and growled. Yes, he growled. The room fell silent between the four people. Chief Day pulled out his smart phone. “Officer Shape!”

“Yes! Yes Sir. Right away Sir!

The front door bell rang its chime. Susan began to head in that direction. “I got this. You stay in the kitchen, Susan. It’s safer there for you. Men let’s go.”

“Safer? No. I live here and will answer my front door.” Chief Day increased his steps. Susan had to push herself to keep up with him. The Chief opened the front door with Susan, Tank and Ralph behind him. There stood an angel with a beautiful smile. She was holding a pink box. Susan in her graceful manner took the box from Gail Cook and invited her into the home.

Officer Shape walked into the home with Gail. The Chief closed the door while he took hold of Officer Shape’s right forearm. “Did you give Gail a police escort to this home.” Asked the Chief.

“Ah. Yes Sir. I mean no Sir.”

“Which one is it Officer Shape.”

“Chief Day you are becoming rather dull. My car broke down at the bakery. Officer Shape was kind enough to give me a ride. Another words he was doing his job. Now leave the young officer alone. I have your favorites, Chief.” Said Gail.

The Chief released Officer Shape’s arm. Gail took it and walked in with the officer. Susan busied herself by making more coffee. The two notorious loud Chihuahua’s were rather quiet. They found the lap of Chief Day. All were happy and content. This placed a smile on Susan’s face.

“A penny for your thoughts.” Said Ralph.

“Look how happy the Chief looks. Those to brats, our dogs give him comfort.” Said Susan then placed a quick kiss on Ralph’s lips.

Gail looked around the room to see faces of delight. Her toughest customer Chief Day showed joy. She hasn’t that look in a long time. “Perhaps the grieving class is helping him.” Ran in her mind.

Ralph pulled Susan to the side, “Please stay here and entertain our guest. I will fill you in when everyone is gone.” Said Ralph.

Susan knew by the look in Ralph’s eyes this was serious. The information he need to gather wasn’t for everyone to know. “Go get them.” Susan said.

Published by Sarah "Bubbles"

I am a mom, nana, writer and amateur photographer. I write short stories to brighten your day. Maybe inspire you to feel better about yourself. Perhaps make healthier life choices. You are the one that is responsible for your life. You got this!

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