Tank’s Baby

There was a soft knock at the Horizon’s kitchen sliding glass door. Ralphed opened the door to find a young lady holding a baby. “Please come in.” Said, Ralph.

With caution, the young lady walked into the Horizon home.

“Please sit down. I’m Susan Horizon. My husband Ralph opened the door for you. Nancy News is the Editor, for our local newspaper. The big burly guy is Chief Day.” Said Susan.

“Hello everyone. My name is Cora. I’m looking for Tank.”

“Tank will be back next Wednesday.” Said, Susan.

“Oh…” Cora became quiet. She looked down at the table.

“Hey, Ralph. I found….. ” Said, Gretchen.

Cora looked up at Gretchen. “I’m Cora.”

“Gretchen, the rude one that just interrupted the conversation.”

Both women looked at each other and smiled.

“Can you please hold my baby girl, Grace?” Asked, Cora with pleading eyes.

“Of course.”

Gretchen unwrapped Grace from the blanket. Ralph looked over at her. He almost spewed the coffee in his mouth. Grace was the female image of his good friend, Tank.

“Long story short. Tank and I were neighbors during junior high school. We were each other’s best friends. The happy times we had I will treasure forever. The war changed all of that. He came home a different man. I miss my Bear.

Over a year ago, our relationship became intimate. There was talk of marriage. When I became pregnant everything changed. Tank wanted us to be friends, period. We stay in communications, by email. Said, Cora.

In between sobbing and gulps of air Cora accepted the tissue box Susan handed her.

“Thank you.” Said, Cora in between sniffs and blowing her nose.

“Tank told me about the Horizons in our latest email correspondence. Following my heart, not my mind brought me here.” Said, Cora.

“He deserves to meet his daughter. She’s three months old.” Said, a somber Cora.

“What was I thinking?” Asked, Cora.

Chief Day, cleared his throat. The noise startled the group. “You and Grace will stay at my cottage. That’s an order.” Commanded, Chief Day.

“Um, my car broke down at the grocery store.” Said, Cora.

“I have this!” Directed, Chief Day.

“Ah, Chief are you sure? I’m more than happy to help.” Said, Susan.

“Yes, Susan.” Barked, Chief Day.

“Gretchen, grab your coat. You’re coming with us.” Said, Chief Day.

“Yes, Sir.” Said, Gretchen as she walked passed Ralph and shrugged her shoulders.

Published by Sarah "Bubbles"

I am a mom, nana, writer and amateur photographer. I write short stories to brighten your day. Maybe inspire you to feel better about yourself. Perhaps make healthier life choices. You are the one that is responsible for your life. You got this!

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