The words were ringing in Ralph’s head, “I want a divorce.” Yelled, Susan as she left the house.

“How do I fix my mess?” Asked, Ralph to no one. Chief Day, took the dogs. The quietness was adding to Ralph’s already anxious mindset.

“A glass of ice tea might do the trick.” Said, Ralph, as he walked into the kitchen. He placed his tea on the counter. “Say, God, will you help me?” Asked, Ralph.

Nothing happened. No flashes of lightning nor a burning bush. He did feel peace, albeit this was short-lived. Ralph, heard Susan, walked in through the front door.

His heart began to thump a bit faster, sweaty palms, “blasted anxiety.” Muttered, Ralph.

Susan continued to coach herself to breathe as she walked at a delayed pace. She could feel her heart pulsating in her chest. “I hate being worried.” Whispered, Susan.

“Hi.” Said, Susan when she walked into the kitchen.

“Hi.” Said, Ralph. He took one look at her face and knew something was wrong. Her suntanned face was white. “Shall we sit in the media room?” Asked, Ralph.

“Will you please bring me a water?” Said, Susan.

“Thank you.” Said, Susan. They both sat at opposite ends of the large entertainment sofa.

“I do not want a divorce.” Said, Susan.

“Nor do I.” Said, Ralph. They both took a deep breath. A small smile fell across their faces.

“I am sorry that my anger got all over you.” Said, Susan.

“Please accept my apology for breaking my promise.” Stated, Ralph.

“I need time.” Said, Susan.

“Do you want me to leave?” Asked, Ralph.

“No.” Said, Susan.

Silence fell between the couple. Ralph closed his eyes for a few seconds. Those seconds were minutes. He noticed that Susan was asleep. He got up and placed a blanket over her.

Published by Sarah "Bubbles"

I am a mom, nana, writer and amateur photographer. I write short stories to brighten your day. Maybe inspire you to feel better about yourself. Perhaps make healthier life choices. You are the one that is responsible for your life. You got this!

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