Another Woman

Another WomanRalph, Pastor George, and Chief Day removed themselves from the Horizon property. The men were walking to their prospective vehicles, Officer Shape drove up the driveway. Tank pulled his one-ton truck behind the cruiser.

Everyone greeted each other. The conversations were short, yet all were positive. Ralph noticed Chief Day pull out his smartphone. He walked away from the group. Tank and Officer Shape made sure the women’s items were placed in the home. 

Pastor George smiled as his wife, Michelle, pulled her car to the curb. She got out of the vehicle while the trunk popped open.

“Hey, Babe. Will you and Ralph help me with these groceries?” 

Both men went right to work carrying the bags in for her. They entered the kitchen to be received with an order. “Finish the task you are doing. Then head out to chat with Chief Day. He’s in the backyard waiting for the two of you.” Stated, Tank.

Within a minute, both Ralph and Pastor George walked up to Chief Day. Ralph was stunned at what he was viewing. Pastor George looked at Chief Day. “How did this happen?”

“Susan brought this to my attention. She mentioned the fence is on the “Honey Do.” list.” Said, Chief Day.

Ralph nodded his head in agreement. 

“The damage to this fence wasn’t done by a force of nature. Someone came by with an ax.” Said, Chief Day.

“I’d better get to work.” Said, Ralph.

“I’ll help you.” Said, Pastor George.

“I’m staying on the property. This is a crime scene. Go get your supplies.” Said, Chief Day.

Both men began to walk away from Chief Day. 

“Need I remind you. You are allowed in the kitchen and the bathroom off from it.” Said, Chief Day.

Ralph gave Chief Day a weird look. He walked past him. There was a piece of pink paper on the ground. “Don’t pick that up.” Said, Chief Day.

Chief Day read the note out loud. 

My Dearest Ralph.

Soon we will be together, my love. We have many ways of getting rid of Susan. Permanent. See you tonight!

Ralph picked up the photograph on the ground. “I have no idea who she is.”

Published by Sarah "Bubbles"

I am a mom, nana, writer and amateur photographer. I write short stories to brighten your day. Maybe inspire you to feel better about yourself. Perhaps make healthier life choices. You are the one that is responsible for your life. You got this!

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