Found the Other Woman

The sun was beginning its descent from the sky. Ralph and Pastor George had replaced the destroyed part of the fence. Supplies will arrive tomorrow to complete the project.

“Hey, guys. Will you sit down at the kitchen table. Gretchen has some paperwork to show you.” Said, Tank.

“Drink your smoothies.” Said, Tank. “The two of you need vitamins and minerals. You both look spent.” Said, Tank.

Bert and Bea rushed into the kitchen. Bea and Bert ran up to Chief Day. He bent down to give them each a doggy treat.

A loud cry came from Grace. The crying stopped.

Gretchen, Cora, and Susan entered into the kitchen. Pleasantries were shared amongst each other. Tank made sure everyone had a smoothie placed in front of them. He considered the group to be out of shape. “You all need to be thankful I’m here.” Said, Tank.

Officer Shape walked into the room with Grace in his arms. She was drooling and cooing all over the young police officer. This brought smiles around the room.

“I can take her.” Said, Cora.

“Nah. We got this.” Said Officer Shape as he wiped the drool off of Grace’s face. He stood swaying the bundle of joy.

“Cora and I were able to find the woman in the picture. She is the sister of Mary. The one Ralph kissed.” Stated, Gretchen.

“Said sister is in a sad state of affairs. We had the Sherriff do a wellness check on her. They found a woman trying to commit suicide. She is in hospital at this time.” Said, Chief Day.

“Ralph you are not to see Mary. According to the Sherriff’s report, you are the causation of Mary’s sister going into the deep end.” Said, Chief Day.

“I have no intention of seeing or being with either woman.” Snapped, Ralph.

“Good.” Said, Chief Day and Officer Shape in unison.

“The research isn’t showing either sister as Susan’s harasser. We will continue that case until someone is caught.” Said Officer Shape as Grace was playing with his face.

“Ralph, we are done will you please talk with me?” Asked, Susan.

“Yep.” Said, Ralph.

“New surveillance equipment will be delivered within a couple of weeks. Yours truly will install the devices.” Stated, Tank.

“Ah, Chief Day.” Said, Officer Shape.

“I’m going home to change into police issued clothes. We all know that Connie is the town’s gossip. “Said, Officer Shape.

“Go.” Said, Chief Day.

Officer Shape placed a wiggly Grace into her mother’s arms. He smiled at them both. Then waved goodbye to the group.

A silence fell over them.

“Cora and I are going back to work.” Said, Gretchen.

“Tank let’s go over the security plans.” Said, Chief Day.

“Just the two of us.” Said, Ralph with a smile.

“I will keep this short. Tank is driving me crazy with the heart-healthy diet on steroids. Will you please bring me a large Hawaiin pizza in a couple of days?” Asked, Susan.

“Sure.” Said, Ralph.

Published by Sarah "Bubbles"

I am a mom, nana, writer and amateur photographer. I write short stories to brighten your day. Maybe inspire you to feel better about yourself. Perhaps make healthier life choices. You are the one that is responsible for your life. You got this!

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