Found the Other Woman

The sun was beginning its descent from the sky. Ralph and Pastor George had replaced the destroyed part of the fence. Supplies will arrive tomorrow to complete the project. “Hey, guys. Will you sit down at the kitchen table. Gretchen has some paperwork to show you.” Said, Tank. “Drink your smoothies.” Said, Tank. “The twoContinue reading “Found the Other Woman”

Another Woman

Another WomanRalph, Pastor George, and Chief Day removed themselves from the Horizon property. The men were walking to their prospective vehicles, Officer Shape drove up the driveway. Tank pulled his one-ton truck behind the cruiser. Everyone greeted each other. The conversations were short, yet all were positive. Ralph noticed Chief Day pull out his smartphone.Continue reading “Another Woman”


“Thank you all for coming.” Said, Ralph. “Uncle William (Chief Day), has brought me up to speed.” Said, Gretchen. “Pastor George and his wife Michelle were not able to attend our meeting.” Said, Chief Day. “Why am I here?” Asked, Cora. “Give me a moment.” Chief Day said, to Cora. “That’s why we wanted everyoneContinue reading “Communications”


“We’re not sure as to who is responsible.” Said, Ralph. “This person has left evidence that they are after you, Susan.” Said, Chief Day. “What?” Asked, Susan. “Babe, it’s true. I’ve seen the pictures.” Said, Ralph. “Ralph and I decided you need a bodyguard. I found a temporary one, while Tank is away.” Said, ChiefContinue reading “Bodyguard”