I’ve been thinking about… No not him!


Another day is almost coming to an end in my neck of the woods. Did you read about the blog post about me not believing I’m a writer? And I knew the post was going to be crap. Guess what? Some one came by and read it. Excited. I mean maybe I gave this person inspiration to write. Or entertained with all the typos, grammar mistakes and story line.


I had a great day. The same for you? There was a teeny tiny mental issue. I couldn’t stop thinking of the Greek God. “A Greek God alert.” I’d say when he was within my line of vision. Haha. He’s funny and smart. His smile. The kind of good guy a girl might get in trouble with. No that’s not right. Yet he was not the distraction in my head today.

All I thought about was writing. (Yep. This is the same woman who stated she wasn’t a writer. Ha!) Throughout the day these sentences ran around in my head. What was going to be my next post? My next blog post! What to write about. Be back soon. Got a rumble in my tummy. Need to wrestle up some food stuffs.

Okay. Much better. Hard to write when your blood sugars are low. Come to think of it low sugars are just not good. Back to writing.

Great, just great. The pasta dish is visiting the key board. Hm, I guess that’s why there are desks and tables. I do my best work with the laptop on my lap. Let’s find a napkin. Drats need to find one of those. Hang tight.

Now, I have my act together. Moving forward with my story.

Now, where were we before all the interruptions. Say, the word interruption brought some writing ideas. However, that’s not what I’m talking about now.

Yes, I was thinking about writing, today. Had many errands to write and the day to day life stuff. Taking care of the crew is three male dogs. The range in size from 4 pounds to 65 pounds. Keep things at a good clip around here. Now, while I was attending to life, my mind was showing some excitement to write.

Things began to come to life after Word Press sent me an email that someone read yesterday’s blog post. What? I was amazed. I mean come on, there are many mistakes and the mistakes apply here.

Stopped writing. Went back to the beginning to read what I’ve wrote. Quick jog of your memory about one person reading my blog. Read the email message several times. Took that long for the message to sink into my head.

When we write we don’t know who the reader is. Unless you asked them to or they offered to read your work. Knowing that there was a reader gave me hope. For my mind to believe I am a writer. Well…. I still see me as a work in progress. Sticking to it! Write. Continue to write. Focus on the story you are writing. As for all the errors that’s what editors are for. Right?

Not so scary to admit I like to write. Still a bit scared. I wonder if one needs to be in harmony with their Mind, Body and Spirit? I’ll explore this in my next blog post.

Thank you for reading the post. I do appreciate you.

Take care.


I don’t believe, I am a writer

Yet, something inside tells me otherwise.

Photography inspiration is writing.

Welcome to my first blog post at Word Press.

I know this is going to sound like crap. The first one always does. And that’s okay. There is no audience. That’s not true. There is an audience of one. Me.

The goal is to complete this blog post with a beginning, middle and end. All before the holiday season will be good. No. Make that before the end of tomorrow. No make that within the next couple of hours. Sounds good. We have a winner. Right?

Let’s get back to me not believing that I am not a writer. Okay. Okay? Good.

Me mind or my mind tells me not to believe I am a writer. Yet, days of research has shown me that I do write. Proof is the image inserted in this blog. There are inspirational quotes on paper and throughout social media. (Down memory lane, been using numerous platforms for the past decade with writing and photography.) Notebooks are filled while others are spotless. The ones with words are a form of writing – fast writes.

Or the ever gagging – ugly writing – pulling out your hair writing. Lots of those lay in boxes. Not to been seen nor read.

Oh yes. The heart. Our spirit – soul (not sure which one to put here) tells me on a regular basis “You are a writer.” Haha. I laugh out loud. Silly stuff.

Decades I was introduced to spirit writers. Spirits talk to you in what to write. They, (not sure who they is) do a gentle haunting for me to write. It’s like these spirits know what people need read to help them feel better.

Besides the spirits talking to you all the time. Other things can happen. Little weird things happen like you on doing a internet search for perfume. Instead you are taken to a site that guides writers to write. Or your searching Netflix for a movie. You want to relax. Instead you are watching a documentary about being vulnerable.

The experts with the spirit world tell me those are signs. Or I’m being guided to follow my path. You know, we all have a reason to be here. We all have a purpose. My anxiety increases when the story line has me writing. I mean, come on, our lives is one big stage. Wasn’t that a Shakespeare play? Maybe I need to let go of some baggage? Everyone has extra emotional or physical baggage laying around. Let’s keep that stuff behind us as a shadow. Let it go!

Some expert stated that, Interverts (that’s me) are great writers. We have a special way to tell the truth through words. Okay. My mind still be skeptical about writing. My heart is all for it. Hm, perhaps my mind and heart need to create a relationship. Most psychology have you work with your mind and body.

Mind, Body and Soul will create healthy relationships within ourselves? Writers must create a healthy relationship in being a writer? Makes logical sense to me. The healthier we are in relationships the better we will be. I guess we must start to have a healthy relationship with ourselves.

In writing this post I realized that a healthy writing relationship will have me believing that I am a writer. Also, I completed my first blog. Now, comes the challenge to write the next one.

Thanks for reading my blog. You are a wonderful person.

Take care,


Sarah’s Blog

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

I’m Sarah, getting back into the writing world. Great way to do this is blogging. I have lots of experience in failing with this. Included is getting silly e-book written and self published.

A great way to do this is by writing a blog. I’ve been writing blogs since 1995. On again, off again writing. Imagine where I would be today shall I stuck with it. Instead, I failed at each one. All great learning lessons for me. And I am thankful I didn’t quit. The gives me another chance to be a successful blogger.

Let me tell you I am not a writer. Nope. “Bottled up Emotions,” told me this on a regular basis. You know how power your mind is. And what it shares with you might not be the truth. This is an unhealthy way to live your life. Not saying nor denying I have any experience, travels, journey or knowledge about this. We’ll go in more detail in the next blog post.

Beside’s the blog is the first e-book followed by the audio book. The e-book will be 200 pages long and self published every season. Four times a year the reader or listener will be able to purchase a series of “As Your Stomach Churns.” This is an online soap opera about life.

I will continue to be me. Always be yourself throughout this blog.

Thank you for reading the toad writing. Please follow me with my healthy writing/life adventure.


Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

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