“Thank you all for coming.” Said, Ralph. “Uncle William (Chief Day), has brought me up to speed.” Said, Gretchen. “Pastor George and his wife Michelle were not able to attend our meeting.” Said, Chief Day. “Why am I here?” Asked, Cora. “Give me a moment.” Chief Day said, to Cora. “That’s why we wanted everyoneContinue reading “Communications”

Just Keep Typing

The month of November has arrived in 2018, (not a typo). Today is November 4, 2019. This is National November Writing Month. You can check it out for yourself. In November of 2018, I managed to create my account at the website provided above. A lot of time was spent reading social media. SuccessesContinue reading “Just Keep Typing”

Hello! Are you listening?

Susan was sitting in her recliner thinking back to the last thirty days of her life. Her once upon a time, go with the flow husband, turned himself into her personal Drill Sargent. Susan had a slight scare with her blood pressure. Okay make that scary high blood pressure. The diagnosis (drum roll) high bloodContinue reading “Hello! Are you listening?”

I don’t have time for this

“I don’t have time for this,” Susan stated. “Yes you do,” said Ralph. Susan’s responded to Ralph with her typical cross eyed look. “You can spare at least five minutes by taking a walk with me.” Ralph said. “No.” Susan snapped back. Ralph’s chuckle broke out into up roar laughter. “What’s so funny?” “You’re walkingContinue reading “I don’t have time for this”